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Covid-19 Policy

Clinic Policy

Complete Sports Medicine operates in accordance with the latest government guidelines, and the guidelines set out by the Society of Sports Therapists. Due to the nature of Covid-19, these guidelines are updated frequently, therefore ongoing changes to the clinic policy are to be expected to reflect the latest advice.


Covid-19 Screening

You will be sent a Covid-19 screening and consent form to fill in prior to your appointment. This will allow your practitioner to assess your level of risk and make any necessary adjustments to mitigate for these risks. Ensuring your safety and the safety of others is always the priority.


Clinic Hygiene

The clinic room is thoroughly cleaned between each patient. This includes antiviral spray of all surfaces and touch points, including light switches and door handles. The treatment couch is always thoroughly sanitized and hygiene paper is used to cover the couch. All equipment that is used during the treatment is also sanitized with antiviral spray. Towels as always are single use and are washed at high temperatures to kill any viruses and bacteria.



PPE is no longer a legal requirement within the clinic, but it may still be used based upon a risk assessment that is conducted for each patient. 


Social Distancing

Wherever possible, social distancing should be observed within the clinic setting. You should also observe social distancing in the waiting area.


Face Covering

You are no longer legally required to wear a face covering, but we may request that you wear one based upon your individual risk assessment.


Hand Sanitation

You will be asked to sanitise your hands upon entry to the clinic and again before you leave.

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